In Loving Memory: A Tribute to My Beloved Uncle

Today, we gather here to celebrate the life of a remarkable man, my dear uncle. It is with heavy hearts, yet grateful spirit, that I reflect upon the profound impact you had on Isaiah Morah's family and the extended entire Morah's family.. As I honor your memory, I find solace in the countless moments of love, guidance, and inspiration you bestowed upon each and every one of us.

You were not just merely a member of our family; you was a pillar of strength, a guiding light, and a source of unwavering support. From the time I was a child, I remember your gentle smile and the warm welcome you gave anyone who visited your home, for me that spoke volumes of your kindness.

You played your role as an uncle, and it was a significant part in shaping many to the persons they are today. You were more than a relative; you a mentor, a confidant, and a friend. You listened to the vision I shared with you and uncle uche and offered your invaluable advice and encouragement. That encouraged me and made me know that you believed in me.

Beyond his jovial nature, my uncle possessed an unwavering strength of character. He faced challenges with resilience, always leading by example. His determination and perseverance served as a reminder that obstacles are meant to be overcome, and that success comes to those who never give up.

Perhaps his greatest gift to our family was the love he shared unconditionally. He was a pillar of support during times of sorrow and a beacon of joy during moments of celebration. No matter the circumstance, he was there, extending a helping hand and a comforting embrace. His love transcended boundaries, fostering a bond that will forever bind our family together.

As we bid farewell to my dear uncle, I find solace in the memories I hold dear. Though he may no longer walk beside us, his spirit lives on in our hearts, his legacy intertwined with our own. I will carry his lessons of love, compassion, and resilience, honoring him by living my life to the fullest, just as he would have wanted

Rest well, dear uncle. 

Until we meet again...

Rev Levi Chukwunenye ( Englishman second son )