Please give me grace, God, as I struggle through my thoughts and ideas while trying to articulate what an amazing icon you were.

Chief Dr. B.C. Morah lived a life worthy of emulation. Despite your affluence and popularity, you humbled yourself to be of help to all and sundry. You impacted our lives immensely with your candidness and generous heart. You are indescribable, an epitome of love and peace. In truth, the Morah family has lost an irreplaceable member. Dr., whenever you returned from overseas, you always looked out for your brothers and sisters, something no one had ever done among us in the Morah family. Oh death, you have dealt with us. Death, you are so wicked to have done this.

Nwanne m, my happiness is that you fought a fight of faith (2 Timothy 4:7-8).

Chief Dr. Ezenwanne, your name implies who you are. Ga ije gi nke oma na aha Chineke, onye kere gi na aha Jesus Christ, onye huru gi ahuhu. Ka ije gi buru na paradise Chineke.

Your cousin brother, Pst. Morah Onyeka Emmanuel.