Ezenwanne, we want to say thank you and thank God for blessing us with 77 wonderful years filled with fond memories, love, kindness and devotion to family.

Your wisdom, your counsel, your support, the quality time we have spent and shared will greatly be missed. We take comfort in knowing that you are in heaven smiling down and watching over us.

You have always been there for your family, your children, grandchildren and to your community at large. You taught us humility and respect for one another, to stand up for ourselves and stand for what we believe in. No matter where we are - your spirit will be beside us.

Lotanna and Dubem will miss your pure love and devotion. Thank you for playing such a big role in who and where Lotanna is today. He always remembers you fondly and still refers to your house as his “real home”.

Ichie Ezenwanne, continue to rest in peace.