Tribute to The Great Paladin Historically, Paladins were legends who were known for their chivalry, heroism, support and defence of the noble cause committed to a Monarchy or Emperor. Therefore it is not surprising that in this tribute, I will be depicting the life of my Uncle, Dr Benson Morah (Eze Nwanne Awka), as the Great Paladin of our time. The reasons are not far fetched, Dr. Benson Morah is a consummate Nigerian and epitome of a true patriot who had exhibited all the qualities associated with a Paladin and much more during his lifetime. Until his death, Dr. Benson Morah had the unwavering support for our Morah hegemony, defending her noble causes and ultimately working assiduously towards fostering lasting peace amongst our family members that will guarantee the sustainable existence of our clan. That is a patriotic responsibility only a true Paladin can bear.  Dr Benson Morah’s unassuming and self-effacing approach to life makes his outstanding humanitarian efforts unpopular. This contributes greatly to the reason people don’t talk much about his scholarship programs that offer many members of the Morah family the opportunity to obtain university education. And in addition he also made sure that his wise counsel and mentorship experience was not lacking in proportional measure to all the beneficiaries. Nostalgically, I remembered his visit to my brother, cousins and I in the UK, when he came to watch the Wimbledon Open. Lawn tennis, I later found out, was his favourite sport. On that particular visit, he spent valuable time with us and afterwards, intermittently kept in contact to check up on us. How he found time out of his busy schedule to perform all these duties is beyond comprehension even to discerning minds. As a matter of fact, the Morah family were not the only beneficiaries of his vast wealth of knowledge and sagacity. Dr Benson Morah as a Paladin took his ingenuity to the UN where he reached the highest echelon of his career and retired unblemished and meritoriously as the Director in UNFPA.  Needless to say, he loved Awka, his beloved town, dearly and was an Ambassador of Awka Kingdom anywhere he found himself, bringing Awka indigenes together and promoting our community internationally.  I dare say that Dr. Benson Morah was the first to put our Morah family name on the international diplomatic community of which his younger brother Dr Uche Erasmus Morah has taken it to the next level. It is on these aforementioned records and many others too numerous to mention that I have dubbed him the Great Paladin of our time. I know that it will be the wish of Eze Nwanne that we shall celebrate rather than mourn him, therefore I enjoin all his loved ones that he left behind to do the same. I had personally taken solace in the exemplary life he had lived, and I am sure that it will be soothing for everyone that is directly or indirectly affected by his demise to take comfort in the simple fact that he lived a great life and touched many souls. Undoubtedly, He will be remembered for his great achievements of which training his children to become model citizens anywhere they find themselves is the cynosure.  The Paladin can now rest well wherever he is, and we pray that as he joins our Foregone Terrors, he shall intercede on our behalf and herald a prosperous era for his immediate and extended family. Solemnly, my prayers are with his lovely wife who will definitely miss him dearly having been by his side for over four decades, and his doting children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, brothers, sisters and relatives who will miss his fatherly love and guidance.  Eze Nwanne, your legacy is etched indelibly in the sands of time. Goodbye oh Great Paladin. Adieu till we meet to part no more! Your Nephew, Nnamdi Uba Morah