Our dear brother-in-law, father-in-law and friend,

The pure shock of your passing is, to us, dumbfounding and crushing on countless levels known to God alone. You welcomed us as the patriarch with open arms, dignity, and respect. Your warmth and listening ear were always welcome, even though many times our "report giving" and "consultations" were met with sympathetic and motivating silence from your side. We learned that, more than anything, you were teaching us to share issues but to take responsibility to solve our own problems.

One of us, Caroline, shared how she was a bag of nerves when she first met you 34 years ago at a restaurant in New York in the summer of 1989. When asked by the hostess where we would like to sit, she confidently replied, "non-smoking" (of course!) and, after a gentle pause, Benson politely responded and said, "smoking, please," all without even looking in her direction. To Caroline, she had failed the first test! Thank you for being you, ever so steadfast and kind, as you began to welcome the girlfriends of brothers (now wives) into your fold.

Ada recalls how you smiled with inner warmth, loved without measure, cared without restraint, and continue to remain a light in our hearts. You were our motivator, continuously encouraging us to maximize our God-given potential. You always listened with open ears and an open mind, and you helped and touched many lives with your respect, diligence, and unconditional love.

We will forever cherish all our memories with you and will continue to honor your God-honoring legacy.

For Oge, a lasting memory of you is reminiscent of the bond between Jesus Christ and His disciples. You radiated joy and happiness as you witnessed their small triumphs in their new project. Your unwavering support and encouragement uplifted their spirits and gave them the strength to persevere. During our precious time together, you showered them with prayers and loving guidance. They will forever treasure the recordings you sent, watching them repeatedly, reliving the wisdom you imparted.

Your presence in our lives was a blessing beyond measure, and as we bid farewell, we take solace in knowing that you have found peace in the embrace of the angels. We are grateful to God for the precious gift of having known you and for the privilege of sharing our lives with you.

To Chioma, words truly cannot express the exceptional person you were. Your outstanding character can be attested to by the immeasurable lives that you touched throughout your lifetime. You were a pillar of strength, kindness, faithfulness, and love. Your presence never went unnoticed because you had a positive energy that filled every space you entered.

You were a true gentle soul who never missed an opportunity to bless people's lives in any way you could. Your devotion to our family was unparalleled. We will always remember the efforts you made towards building up the entire Isaiah Morah family. We thank God for the well-lived life. We have achieved many things that were only possible under your guidance and leadership. You were an extraordinary person who left a tremendous impact on us all. It was an honor to have you as our brother-in-law. You will be greatly missed.

From all of us, rest peacefully now, dear Ezenwanne, knowing that you are loved and that your legacy of kindness and character will live on in our lives... until we meet again.

The Isaiah O. Morah Family Wives