Many memories of time with Benson have come to my mind. The recollections of time that we spent together at work and in other circumstances in Addis Ababa, New York, Johannesburg, Abuja are memorable, to mention some of them.

His gentle and calm demeanor is a permanent photograph in my mind. His depth of understanding of many issues and ability to transcend the usual human urge for acquisitions and material well-being is one of the great lessons from him that I cherish.

Benson had a selfless, unusual ability to see the good in people whilst recognizing human limitations. He was forever prepared to work with everybody and at any level.

I cannot forget that Benson was always available to share ideas, partake in work and use his high-level intellect to deliver services and products for UNFPA even when the organizational circumstance limited due rewards or compensation to him. The organization and myself, personally, benefitted from his abundant readiness to serve at all times.

Bunmi Makinwa